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Ceramic Grout is the best choice

What is the ceramic technology?

ATLAS CERAMIC GROUT is based on a high quality cement binder, selected aggregates and advanced additives. One of them is KLINOPTIOLITH, a mineral of volcanic origin that increases mechanical strength, improves tightness and complete filling of joint. More compact structure of grout ensures water repellency and at the same time resistance to stubborn dirt (coffee, wine and even ink).


how it handles tough stains


Atlas Fuga ceramiczna - zabrudzenia z kawy


Atlas Fuga ceramiczna - zabrudzenia z wina


Atlas Fuga ceramiczna - zabrudzenia z tuszu

What does the stain-resistance mean?

Stain-resistance is a functional parameter of grouting mortars which is not defined by standards, however, it has a huge impact on final aesthetics of cladding. This feature determines if grout is prone to get discoloured in contact with some substances (e.g. coffee, ketchup, iodine, olive oil, red wine, juice, etc.) which penetrate into the structure of grout or discolour only its top surface.


how it handles tough stains


Atlas Fuga ceramiczna - zabrudzenia z oleju


Atlas Fuga ceramiczna - zabrudzenia z keczupu

What are the fibers for?

Celulose fibers in ATLAS Ceramic Grout ensure excellent water retention and compensation of shrinkage formed during initial setting. In other words, grout does not crack when is applied between tiles of various absorptivity nor in high temperatures – up to 35°C

Polypropylene fibres form so called ‘structural reinforcement’ which ensures long-term trouble-free use of cladding, even with large tiles. They ensure no microcracks with a very wide filling width (up to 20 mm).


combination of fibres is a safety of use even in case of extreme temperature fluctuation

What does mean that grout is resistant to scrubbing?

ATLAS CERAMIC GROUT is the hardest available grout on a basis of cement binder. One of technical classification of grout is resistance to abrasion. EN 13888 standard specifies value that cement grouts must have in order to be marked with the symbol A – high abrasion resistance. In practice it means that it can be cleaned and scrubbed many times without worrying about damage or scratching. It does not deteriorate water repellency, so initial stain resistance is maintained.


3 x more resistant for scrubbing in comparison to other grouts marked as scrub resistant

What does the hydrophobicity mean?

Hydrophobicity is the ability of molecules of a specific material to repel water.

In case of grout, the effect is that water does not soak into the grout structure – water form drops on the top surface. Ceramic Grout ATLAS is even superhydrophobic – water drops not only stay on the top of grout but also are pushed towards the tile. Hydrophobicity has main impact on keeping the grout clean.

The higher hydrophobicity, the more grout repels water and at the same time any substances that are dissolved in water, including dirt. Grout is also reistant to atmospheric conditions.